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14 Jul

Following article talks about the facts about the donations made by the gates foundation to the so called Gulen Charter Schools. It also talked about why is it wrong to call these public charter schools as Gulen Charter Schools. There have been many misleading “articles” and “news” on anonymous “blogs”. This article addresses many of those false allegations.

We are thrilled to observe that the leaders of Goose Network, in particular Dr. Raul  finally started researching about various grant organizations and profiles of their recipients.  It is our hope that by doing so, Dr. Raul is either interested in starting its own charity organization to help raise funds for the activities of his Geese, or he –despite the Ph.D. attached to his name- is really trying to learn about the world of charity and understand why and how these people could throw that much of money for no hidden agenda!

Read more at Gulen-CharterSchools.com


Paul Williams and his Myth Collection

26 May

A new myth of Paul Williams was unveiled by Gulen Charter Schools. Busting myths have never been easier. Enjoy the following article.

There are people who are not going to be satisfied without destroying every single good in the world. In that quest they will utilize lies, will bring evidence from other lies, and will at the end believe their own fabrications only to pursue even further. All the defaming news we have been hearing about Fethullah Gulen and Service (“Hizmet”) Movement stems from either a distorted fact or a plain lie that is the product of meaningless discourse of fear-mongers.

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Cain and Socrates on so called Gulen Charter Schools

26 May

Recent article at the Gulen Charter Schools website answers some of the questions about the so called Gulen Charter Schools.

Goose media, lead by famous ancient journalist Cain reported the following common characteristics of-so called- Gulen charter schools. Socrates joins him to help enlighten their minds, and hearts to help alleviate the Fethullah Gulen phobia that seized them terribly. Goose network, after having indulged so much with Fethullah Gulen, started seeing hallucination, and wherever they look, they end up seeing the same bugaboo as a nightmare; Gulen media, Gulen school, Gulen charter school, Gulen UFO, GulenX, and the bugaboo comes with complimentary unsweetened Gulen chewing gum. Because it has been constantly nurtured by their sponsors and ducks, GulenX now turned out to a giant monster in their minds  chasing them day and night to swallow them virtually. They desperately need a help to wake up from this dreadful nightmare. Let’s see if Socrates can help a little bit.

Read more at Gulen Charter Schools

New Website on the so called Gulen Charter Schools

21 May

Make sure to check out the new website about the so called Gulen Charter Schools. There are plenty of information that you will find useful.

Here is a link to website: http://www.gulen-charterschools.com

Gulen Charter Schools

Bill Gates and Gulen Charter Schools!

2 Apr

You’ve probably heard the recent news about how Bill Gates funds the so called Gulen Charter Schools. Well I have to admit that this is one of the worst made up stories Goose Network members came up with. If you want to make people believe in something, you should have at least “some” facts to back up your claim right? It seems like Goose Network Members are unaware of this.

It looks like Bill Gates is tired of dealing with computer industry and want to build up his own empire. It shouldn’t be hard to guess the name of it right?. The Ottoman Empire. I have read many articles about Bill Gates, honestly and clearly these claims are hilarious and nonsense.

Bill Gates, Ottoman Empire and Gulen Charter Schools ??? Couldn’t you come up with something better for God’s sake!!!

Btw, the above mentioned “article” is written by a person with a PHD. I now truly believe that PHD stands for Permanent Head Damage. Nothing else can explain it.


What does Gulen say about the so called Gulen Charter Schools?

1 Apr

Everyone is talking about him and making groundless accusations. I thought it would be nice to know what Mr. Gulen thinks about these accusations. Here are some questions the USA TODAY directed to M. Fethullah Gulen about the so called Gulen Charter Schools.

Read more at USA TODAY

They won’t get it!

1 Apr

A recent article at getthefact.com reveals the truths about the so called Gulen Charter Schools. The author makes it clear that there is no such a thing as Gulen Charter Schools. They are the imagination of some people who are members of the Goose Network ( see the Hitler’s video for entertainment 🙂 ). After reading this article you will learn the myths behind this smear campaign on these schools.

May be they will get it if it is said in Latin: Illic Est Haud Talis Res Ut Gulen Pactum Schola! There is no such thing as a Gulen Charter School! Fethullah Gulen said it himself in several settings1. The so called Gulen Charter School administrators explained it many times. But they still don’t get it, and probably won’t get it no matter how many different languages it is translated into or how many different contexts it is articulated in. But let’s give it another shot.

Read more at getthefact.com